Currently, re-design of the aside website is underway and one of the additional features of the new website will be a mailing list / newsletter, which will be aimed at prospective customers and people who would like to stay up-to-date with news related to aside.

I ahd had recently mentioned the aside website re-design accompanied with a couple of screenshots. Needless to say the design has been tweaked a bit further but the pages still look the same.

The newsletter, which is going to be a not-so-monthly update, will include updates related to aside in the categories of new client testimonials, new projects, goodies to download – like wallpapers – updates on pricing and special offers and discounts.

When someone signs up to be part of the asider brigade [ that’s the name of the newsletter ], I wanted to make available something for them to download. One of the things I have decided to make available is a yearly calendar – 12 desktop wallpapers – one for each month. I also wanted to add one more thing to the list and I am not being able to figure out what that should be. Some of the ideas I have include a free, personal black and white digital sketch of the person’s face or a PDF document with some kind of insights about the design process and what questions customers should be asking their designer or with some guidelines – I really am not being able to decide what.

I would prefer to have something that doesn’t need constant and regular effort on my part [ like the sketch will ] – it should be something that can be downloaded and is a one-time investment apart from updates depending on better information and experiences [ like the PDF – but I am not sure what subject the PDF should address].

I thought the best way would be to ask potential and past clients and since I know some of you are regular readers, I’d appreciate if you would kindly share: “What you would like to download/receive when you sign-up for a graphic designer/photographer’s newsletter?

I’d hopefully like to get the re-designed website and the newsletter up before the end of this year – but a designer designing the aesthetics for her own design space is not the fastest route!