Just for their look of the profile – the aesthetic point-of-view – I love Ziggs.com!
I have no idea how effective it is because I am still in the process of uploading my profile there, will share if something comes out of it. It looks lovely too – especially the photograph that I picked for myself!

If you are registered on Ziggs then you can view my profile on Ziggs.com – otherwise you’ll have to register yourself.


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  1. Ha! My father-in-law bought that jacket when he was in England about 30 years ago [ and he was an R&D Expert in the Indian Railways! ] so no fighter-pilots here!

    I got the photo shot when I was on assignment for photographing the Adani sea-port in Gujarat, India. That’s me sitting on a tug-boat.

    Ziggs.com is quite cool – it isn’t about networking but quite good in terms of creating a profile – professional questions, profile and great design.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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