Recently Paul Harper suggested that for someone traveling overseas, there should be an information point where they can find out whether one of their business associates [ or direct contacts on LinkedIn ] resides in the city/country that they are visiting.

Out of that thought, LinkedIn Socially was born! They also thought of using a virtual map to “see” where LinkedIn Socially members are and also invited us to list on

And now they need a logo – it looks like I’m the LinkedIn Logo Queen! Nice, I like it!

So this blog post is going to cover the development of the LinkedIn Socially Logo and I will be updating with some initial drafts and will ask Paul and other members of the group to post feedback in the comments section.

UPDATE I: 9 November 2005

Tor-Bjorn Fjellner [ who is one of the members on LinkedIn Socially ] was nice enough to write me an e-mail. Suggestion given was to include some kind of symbolism – like including a globe [ like an icon maybe ]- and moving away from the “typical” LinkedIn Groups logo designs [ that also gives me a hint that I’ve following similar design guidelines for the previous LinkedIn Groups’ logos that I’ve designed ] Great feedback!

So I’m going to post some sketches/rough drafts first.

Concept: the logo is for the LinkedIn Socially Group – LinkedIn needs to be represented in this logo [ the LinkedIn logo can either be simply copy pasted and integrated into the design or it could probably be played around with ]. Apart from that the basic idea that needs to be conveyed is the same as the purpose of the group itself – the groups is a “business travel” group where members list their contact details and offer to be CityHosts for particular locations around the world. For example, if you are traveling to Mumbai, the Mumbai CityHost [ can be more than one ] will give you pointers regarding lodging and any other directions you might need. In my case, anyone on the group is welcome to stay at my home when in Mumbai.

The logo needs to be recognized instantly by someone from LinkedIn who sees it for the first time – they should be able to recognize that the group represented by the logo is related to business travel around the globe.

Keywords: business, travel, LinkedIn, globe, social

Please take your pointer over each image to view more details about the idea behind each drawing

I have been doing quite a few non-paid design assignments – and decided to treat this one with a little more seriousness – create a proper workflow, start with line drawings, take feedback and then develop the final design and colored logo from there.

UPDATE II: after Tor-Bjorn’s great idea! [ check the comments ]

Tor-Bjorn suggested that we use the suitcase or briefcase as a frame for the whole logo and put the globe and some people inside the frame. I think it would be a wonderful metaphor for depicting the idea of carrying the world around with you as well as carrying the people around with you too – being a member of the LinkedIn Socially group would do just that!

This particular drawing shows movement [ with the waves following the suitcase ] and the wheels at the bottom of the suitcase also represent someone on the move. Apart from that there is one person inside the suitcase next to the globe, symbolizing each one of us and there is a globe symbolizing all members from all parts of the world. So you’re carrying the world around with you.

UPDATE III: after Mike Rogero’s feedback [ check the comments ]

Mike suggested that the essence of the group was “meeting people in different place” so the first visual that came ot my head was people all over the globe – shown as connected, which would also represent travel. Here’s the preliminary sketch:

I’ll be doing some final images too so that we get a feel of what the final logo might look like [ since I’m tied up with my website re-design, I haven’t had time over the weekend to think about the LinkedIn Socially Logo – so I have to play catch-up ]

UPDATE IV: Colored and finished-logo

Ok then, here is something I thought might fit the bill. Another reason I am putting up a ‘finalized’ logo without consensus on the sketches is that it will hasten the process – because the client does not necessarily know what I have in mind. So this will help them see what I too am seeing. [ Keep your mouse pointer over the image to read the concept behind the image. ]

So what do you think? What further tweaks? What don’t you like?
And don’t say that “It’s still not there yet…” – give me specifics to work on!

UPDATE V: People with different color heads

Also the smaller versions have been rendered below at 25% the originals above – to check the varying colors:


UPDATE VI: Getting rid of the Microsoft torsos!

Just to try a couple of shapes that depict the human-symbol – other than the MSN-Messenger like symbols – I thought I’d do a couple of shapes before the logo is actually finalized. One thing to consider is that not all viewers seem to be getting to the point of analyzing the concept/idea behind the logo. The immediate visual impact is so strong that the only elements picked up are the so-called “Microsoft torsos”! Visuals have a stronger impact than text/words.

Frankly, the only reason I am giving weightage to “everyone’s” opinions on the design is because this is exactly how it happens on a live projects where the decision-makers are two or more. So instead of griping on a live and paid project, I might as well learn on one with a large and wonderfully friendly community of people!

Ok, here is number one that should not look like the MSN Messenger thingy [ followed with a smaller version – same as above at 25% of the original ]:

UPDATE VII: Alternate lettering for SOCIALLY vs. Socially, as suggested by Daryl [ check the comments ]

UPDATE VIII: Flipped the connecting black lines to make them look like smiles instead pf frowns and droopy eyes. This change could also reflect intersecting paths of the group members, which could bring in the element of commong interests – even though they are from different places on the globe. [ idea from someone posting a comment ]

So basically, Paul, you have to make a choice now – and we will soon see the logo on the LinkedIn Socially Group front page!


The logo has been finalized and is on display at the LinkedIn Socially Group front page!