There’s a logo design competition happening at TopCoder for their 2006 TopCoder Open, which is taking place in Las Vegas.

Thay have a bunch of specifications for the logo design submissions like it has to be two-color [ they’ve specified the colors ] and we can’t use any gradients because the logo will be printed on T-Shirts and other material [ so one doesn’t have the liberty to be risque anymore πŸ˜‰ ].

Last date for submissions is 18th November but I have only till tonight to submit my designs because I’m travelling from 17th till 19th – so if I come up with something before I shut down my laptop for tonight then I’ll post the logos here.


I’m thinking it could be related to code language – using dots/period, angular brackets {} or <> and integrating these elements in the logo text. Also, since the 2006 TopCoder Open is taking place in Las Vegas, maybe I could integrate elements that symbolize Las Vegas and the Casino culture.

I’m still thinking…


These are the three that I submitted [ concept later – I’m in a rush – need to catch some sleep before I start traveling tomorrow early morning – it’s already 1 a.m. here! ]


The top ten logos have been decided [ and the three designs that I submitted are not in it πŸ™ ] – I just got off voting for my favorites!