I recently started work for the re-design of the aside website. After the six-monthly re-evaluation I realised that the colors red and blue [ which are the company colors ] could be used in a better way without changing the personality of the website.

When the aside website was designed initially, I was not expecting so much traffic to the website and since the client base has expanded beyond my expectations, I need to cater to a wider audience. The website needs to be relevant for longer than six months.

Of course I am a designer and one of the best ways to showcase my design skills is to design!

Here are a couple of screenshots of the two pages that I’ve designed so far. It’s an evolving project and the website will be ready for New Years 2006 but I wanted to document the design evolution and what better than to share it on the blog?

The above are the home page and the client page. Of course the details and functionality will be visible only when the website will be launched. I am also planning to introduce a mailing list/newsletter for announcing new clients and website and portfolio updates.

The new design is simpler, easier to navigate, better and more convenient functionality for the surfer and it still retains the personality of the original design to maintain the link – change, for wider acceptance, is best introduced slowly.

UPDATE I: 15th November, 2005

I’ve completely changed the look of the website – it isn’t like the above design anymore [ not even close! ] I have been browsing other designers’ websites and have found that a majority [ the excellent designers ] have painfully simple navigation pointing to the most relevant sections. Very few of these designers have accompanying blogs – those who do, handle a lot of client traffic on the blog and have some wonderful design discussions.

I have yet to come across a blog that make a genuine and direct attempt to get in touch with clients [ except this one ].

So I realized that if I had to carry out conversations on the blog itself, the aside website should only be a showcase – painfully simple and not complex – so that a potential client gets to see stuff that will help her/him make a decision and doesn’t waste time trying to figure out where to go and what to look at.

Also, the previous design [ the screenshots above ] – that type of layout – would be more suited to a large design studio – it would have been extravagant for a one person studio like myself – especially when I am moving toward specializing in logo design and photography. I did not “need” that design, I “wanted” it. Fortunately, I have been able to come up with a design that I need as well as want!

The front page screenshot:

The portfolio page screenshot:

The logo portfolio page screenshot [ only the part that fit into my screen – it scrolls down to list all logo design engagements thus far ]:

The photography portfolio page screenshot [ not complete yet and only showing the part that fit into my screen – this too scrolls down to show all photography engagements and other miscellaneous photography projects ]

I just love the green on the new design – my face lights up each time I load the front page! And the reason I’ve included my personal photograph is because as a freelancer, I think it’s better if clients know who they’re dealing with.


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