The aside website re-design is now LIVE! Go check it out! Yay!
Please point out any typos or if something does not look right on your browser/screen – I’ll be very grateful!

A very new 2006 to you!


  1. Looks great to me, I like the creative use of image titles as tooltips. Personally I would have preferred the off-site links opening in new windows but that is just my preference.

    Happy 2006


    PS I’m a happy Dreamhost user too

  2. Thank you so much for checking out the new website Bob! I’m so happy that you noticed the tooltips! As for the off-site links, would you kindly let me know what page you were on? I distinctly remember setting everything to “target=’_blank'” but maybe I missed a page – I’d thoroughly appreciate if you would let me know!

    Happy 2006 to you and your family too!
    Glad to hear that DreamHost’s doing good for you too!

  3. Oh – I apologise, you do indeed have ‘_blank’in all the tags. I had set my FireFox to force them to to open in the same window. Mea culpa.


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