Icon Buffet is offering five sets of free icons – if you sign up for an Icon Buffet account [ which is free ], you get to have five sets of icons for free. The catch is that as soon as you sign up, you get to download only one set – the other four are shown as screenshots and you can get them from your friends – when they sign up for an Icon Buffet account, they will not necessarily get the same icon set to download as you did – so you can trade the icons!

The icon set that I downloaded soon after signing up is the Oslo Atmosphere [ set of 9 icons ]:

The other four that I’m missing are:

You can send them to your friends using the “Deliver to Friend shortcut” on your Icon Buffet account page.

Great marketing strategy and a neat way to spread buzz!


I’ve now got Shanghai Tech and Oslo Finance. One thing I discovered [ that is not apparent from the Icon Buffet website and fine print ] is that you can send a delivery of a particular set of icons only five times. I’ve sent Oslo Atmosphere to three friends and now it reads “2 deliveries remaining”. Like this:

So I can send Shanghai Tech to four friends, Oslo Finance to three friends and Oslo Atmosphere to two friends.

I also have three new additions [ the first two honestly look SAD but I want Manhattan Night Life! ]

Update 08 December, 2005

I have all except Taipei Buddies 1 – and that I don’t really care about! Yay!
I’m out of Oslo Atmosphere deliveries, if you want any other, either use the contact form from the blog or leave a comment. I’d love to send you a delivery!

Update 03 January, 2006

Icon Buffet just released two more deliveries:

Update 27 January, 2006

Another one added to the Icon Buffet free delivery list is Towergrove Promenade. Some interesting people icons in this collection – by the way, I need someone to send it to me 🙂 Here’s what it looks like:

Update 30 January, 2006

Thanks to Joss, I now have TowerGrove too!

Update 23 February, 2006

This is what my IconBuffet Status looks like currently:

If there is any set that you are missing and you can see that I have it – please send a request and I’ll deliver it to you!

I need Modena Simbolo and TowerGrove Melee please 😀

Update 28 March, 2006

I’ve started a new post to tackle the growing Icon Buffet collection.