Icon Buffet is offering five sets of free icons – if you sign up for an Icon Buffet account [ which is free ], you get to have five sets of icons for free. The catch is that as soon as you sign up, you get to download only one set – the other four are shown as screenshots and you can get them from your friends – when they sign up for an Icon Buffet account, they will not necessarily get the same icon set to download as you did – so you can trade the icons!

The icon set that I downloaded soon after signing up is the Oslo Atmosphere [ set of 9 icons ]:

The other four that I’m missing are:

You can send them to your friends using the “Deliver to Friend shortcut” on your Icon Buffet account page.

Great marketing strategy and a neat way to spread buzz!


I’ve now got Shanghai Tech and Oslo Finance. One thing I discovered [ that is not apparent from the Icon Buffet website and fine print ] is that you can send a delivery of a particular set of icons only five times. I’ve sent Oslo Atmosphere to three friends and now it reads “2 deliveries remaining”. Like this:

So I can send Shanghai Tech to four friends, Oslo Finance to three friends and Oslo Atmosphere to two friends.

I also have three new additions [ the first two honestly look SAD but I want Manhattan Night Life! ]

Update 08 December, 2005

I have all except Taipei Buddies 1 – and that I don’t really care about! Yay!
I’m out of Oslo Atmosphere deliveries, if you want any other, either use the contact form from the blog or leave a comment. I’d love to send you a delivery!

Update 03 January, 2006

Icon Buffet just released two more deliveries:

Update 27 January, 2006

Another one added to the Icon Buffet free delivery list is Towergrove Promenade. Some interesting people icons in this collection – by the way, I need someone to send it to me 🙂 Here’s what it looks like:

Update 30 January, 2006

Thanks to Joss, I now have TowerGrove too!

Update 23 February, 2006

This is what my IconBuffet Status looks like currently:

If there is any set that you are missing and you can see that I have it – please send a request and I’ll deliver it to you!

I need Modena Simbolo and TowerGrove Melee please 😀

Update 28 March, 2006

I’ve started a new post to tackle the growing Icon Buffet collection.


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  1. I’ve got Oslo finance, Taipai Night Market, Taipai Buddies 1, & Shanghai Tech.

    Let me know if you want any of them! I’d love Oslo Atmosphere or any of the others (though Oslo Atmo and Manhatten I reeeally want).

  2. I have oslo finance – with 5 deliveries left if anyone wants them

    Would really like Oslo atmosphere and Manhattan

    Willing to trade with finance – or next time around


    traceynichols at btopenworld dot com

  3. Yeah Gregory! It’s kinda fun indeed! Although I’m thinking maybe I’m wasting too much time you know! Lets hope we get some good icons in the next lot – will be even more fun exchanging them!

  4. Sarge, I just sent you some Icon Buffet free deliveries – Shanghai Tech, Shanghai Tech Vector, Manhattan Night Life, Taipei Night Market, Taipei Buddies 1 and Taipei Buddies 2. Since I have exhausted Oslo Atmosphere, I couldn’t send that – I also already have Oslo Finance so there’s no need to trade either!

    In the next set of icons, if I need something, I’ll drop you an e-mail. Thanks for stopping by Sarge!

  5. I have Farewell Snow if anyone needs it. (I’d love a copy of Oslo Atmosphere/Finance if there are still deliveries out there.)

  6. I would really appreciate it if I could get a coppy of the farewell snow icons if you could please.



  7. I have Modena Simbolo and Oslo Finance. I would like one of the Shanghai Techs.frankie [at] grimboy [dot] co [dot] uk.
    You can request which you want in the name feild.

  8. Hello, could somebody send me some deliveries of icons ? (to pieter.debaets((at))gmail.com)
    Thank you very much

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