This is a first [ that I know of anyway ] – at the bottom of my website front page – I do say that “you are free to copy images at your own risk” – I thought that sent a clear message to people with common sense that they would be copying the images illegally.

Some web company called copied one of my images for their news piece.
The sad part is that now only were they using the image without my permission, they also did not bother to copy the image to their server! They just put a link to my image – and obviously they did not edit the image for their use either. [ They must be slow and/or new on the internet. ]

The image that was copied:

Here’s a screenshot of the first page with my image in use:

and here’s the other page

The link to the page that uses the image is this – although I did not want to give them a link on my blog, since I did not write to them to let them know about this violation, I thought they might be using some kind of tracking software and might see some links coming from my blog. The image is not visible on the linked page now because I removed it from my server.

Had they attributed the image to my website with a link back, I might have let this go without a mention – hell! I might even have titled this post “My photograph on use on the website!” Leeches.

UPDATE: 15 December, 2005

Why don’t people get it?
I had initially changed the name of the file on my server so that a “Red x” showed on their pages and they promptly went and re-named their file too! [ After a gap of one day ]. How absolutely callous is that?

I’ve now re-renamed the file to “do-not-copy-this-image” – if they still don’t get the message they really must have marbles in their head.

UPDATE: 12 January, 2006

Well, at least they wrote and apologized. Good on them. The e-mail that I received from them informed me that the person who copied the image was a writer on their website [ I assume they have collaborative content ]. They also said that they’d take care such a thing did not happen again.