openBC had been Beta testing integration of its service with Skype. They launched it on Firday Friday [ yesterday ].

From what I can make out, when you view someone’s profile – the main contact page – like my profile, you have a drop-down list of option, which give you a handful of methods to get in touch with that person via Skype. The following image will show you what I mean:

I think this is an AWESOME feature! I no longer need to individually add new contacts to my Skype list – I simply go to their profile on openBC and give them a call! Adding them to my address book will simply be for convenience now. I believe this will increase communication between openBC members and that is THE MOST important thing for online business networking – MORE COMMUNICATION! You can also set who has access to your Skype username.

Neat feature Lars and team!


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  1. Hello Naina,
    i have found this great feature “by accident”, but it is really cool. Combining different messaging platforms/technologies is a great thing. Every one has its advantages.

    What I would suggest to the OpenBC guys: Add a “I am online/not online” functionality, so that I can see whetere a user is currently reachable via Skype or not. I think ICQ provides such functionality for websites.

    Best Regards, Andreas

  2. Quite COOL, Naina! Good to see the Skype integration on OpenBC – wish other platforms would hurry up and adopt it, too. Naina, I always find the coolest things when I set aside time to stop by aside! 🙂 -Vincent

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