I had found Ziggs quite by accident and am glad I did. Ziggs is not a networking platform but a great place to put your professional profile that can be viewed by “anyone” whether registered on Ziggs or not. That was one of the problems I had with LinkedIn and openBC – when someone clicks on my LinkedIn profile link in my e-mail signature, and they are not registered members of LinkedIn, they can’t see my profile and LinkedIn asks them register [ when they don’t know what LinkedIn in, why will they sign up just to take a look st my profile!? ] and the case with openBC is that while it allows a non-registered member to see most of my profile, it hides the most relevant details – like current company.

Also, neither LinkedIn, nor openBC allow the non-registered person visiting my profile to contact me.

Ziggs not only is a convenient place to create your online professional profile, it also allows the visitor to get in touch with me via ZMail.

And this is part of the free membership package.

One of the things you can pay for on Ziggs is to have your profile listed on the top Search Engines. When someone types in your full name, your Ziggs profile will come out on the top [ my immediate question is: What if there are two people with the same name and who are premium members? – I don’t know the answer to that yet ]. Also, not only do you get listed, you also get results delivered to your inbox – giving details of when your profile was accessed and what part of the world was the visitor from.

Another issue I have with the listing is – why will someone search for me by name unless I’m a celebrity [ in which case I’ll be hiding myself and not making myself visible! ].

Apart from that, if you already have an online presence, chances are that when someone Google’s your name, using a couple of classifyinf keywords, they will be taken to your URL [ if your basic search engine optimization tricks are working! ].

For example, if you search for my name “Naina Redhu” without the quotes, my Ziggs profile is on the first results page [ it’s number 5 or 6 ] and the first result links to my Innovation Blog on Blogger. So I don’t really need Ziggs’ premium services – but I do like the ability to have an online professional profile – which is so well designed and is accessible to anyone who cares to look for me!


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