One of the reasons I was initially reluctant to upgrade to WordPress 2.0 was because I was not sure how my blog theme BLIX would react. Since Sebastian [ the creator of BLIX ] shutdown support quite sometime back, I was not sure whether I would be able to set stuff right if it went wrong. I did search on the internet too with search terms like “BLIX WordPress 2.0” but to simply no avail.

Finally just took the plunge and upgraded – nothing changed! I was simply amazed at the versatility of BLIX – no errors, no layout problems, nothing!


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  1. Hi,
    I’m looking at your blog on the latest mozilla, fyi, the content overflows the green line on the right, and all the right modules are pushed to the bottom… We had similar problems with some of our websites when upgrading… Still readable, but definately broken 🙂

    That said, now I can enjoy your site, sounds like a good read

  2. Hi Natalie,

    Thank you for the heads-up.
    Indeed, it does break in FireFox – I checked it out – it wasn’t a problem with the BLIX theme – I had modified the Layout.css file to include another line of navigation below the original one and that’s what was breaking up the blog.

    Have succeeded in rectifying it.

    Horror, horror – till today my FireFox readers were reading a broken blog! Mah Goodness!

    Sorry people.
    And THANK YOU again Natalie.

  3. Hey, Thanks for letting me know!
    I’m not using Blix anymore except on my business networking blog, but I just might do so in the future.

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