UPDATE : 11th August 2008 : This position was written for in January 2006. I was the Creative Head at Comart. Now I am a one-person design studio with no intentions of hiring anyone and collaborating only with other freelancers / designers who are better than I am. So, in short, this position is no longer available.

I am looking to hire graphic designers.

[ I have accepted a position as the Head of the Creative Services business division at a well-known pre-press company in Mumbai – they are expanding and in the same regard, will be hiring designers to build the team. ]

This is a full-time job.

I’m looking for the following


  • Freshers [ maximum one-year experience ]
  • Whether you have design education or not is not of prime importance – if you can show me that you can design good stuff, I’ll consider you whether you actually trained to be an engineer or microbiologist.
  • It does not matter how socially presentable you are or whether you can speak good english – the people who will be hired will be good designers AND self-confident.
  • You should have worked in various softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw and should also have some experience with working on an Apple Macintosh. [ Extra software knowhow is welcome. While there is no immediate need for Flash and web development expertise, if you know it, it will come in handy soon enough. ]
  • You do not necessarily need a computer to draw – you can do as well or even better with a pencil, paper and your hands.
  • You can work with minimal supervision.
  • You follow your favorite blogs, news and websites with RSS feeds [ or at least know what I am talking about ].
  • You know how to follow-up with clients.
  • You don’t need to “meet” someone to communicate with them.
  • You are not afraid to ask questions.
  • You know how to smile.
  • You live in Mumbai.
  • If you have studied design, you have the ability to break the rules.

Advantages of working at this company


  • You will work on projects for some bad-ass companies [ we print for more than half the Indian advertising and publishing companies ].
  • You will “build” you portfolio [ since you are a fresher, you will know the value of that ].
  • The best tools [ software/hardware ] will be available to you to enable you to do your best work yet.
  • The CEO is a great guy.
  • Work will include packaging design, designing calendars, designing art books, designing corporate identity, designing brochures, book covers, CD covers – to start with – and the scope will expand manifold as the number of clients increase.

Keep in mind


  • I would prefer if you sent me links to where your resume/CV is uploaded/accessible on the web instead of PDF/Word attachments.
  • DO NOT attach your portfolio to the e-mail. Send me a link [ if you do not have stuff on the web – put it up right now – go to Coroflot and use their free option. and then send me a link. ]
  • Tell me what kind of money you are thinking of [ whenever I replied to ads in the past, I used to hate answering this question in particular – I did answer it though ].
  • DO NOT call me up on the phone. I will not consider your “application” if you call me up.

I want to know what work you’ve done – personal projects, projects for friends, projects at companies – don’t tell me who you did it for – tell me and show me what the goal was and how you exceeded it.

Oh! And like everyone else on the planet – I’m looking for someone “different”, someone “unique” and someone who stands apart from the crowd. [ There are 3-5 positions open. ] Send me an e-mail.

Update: 01 Feb 2006

Please do not leave comments here for this position.


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  1. I’m based in San francisco, MFA student of Photography. Like the photographs. Will be in Mumbai in a couple of months, let me know if you need photographers! The blog is not really updated, but you could get a little bit of an idea about what I shoot.

  2. Hi,

    I am not a designer I would like to ask a question only.
    I am starting my own business and looking to hire designers myself w/about 1 year experience. I was wondering if you would be so kind to give me some help on what an average salary should be per month for this kind of position.

    Thank you very much,
    Berta N.

  3. Berta,

    I’m having a tough time hiring designers for my company!
    I did the following things:
    1. Made a post on my blog regarding my requirement.
    2. Made a post on CraigsList
    3. Sent out ads in our local Job portals [ naukri.com ] – my HR guy did that for me and it was written quite badly. We got about 18 responses out of which I interviewed 8 people and hired one guy for DTP work [ not design ].
    4. Told everyone I met [ on the train, on the bus, at parties, at the Mall ] that I am hiring designers.

    I have hired one girl – from a personal referral.

    I also thought to buying plain white t-shirts, painting my phone number with a tagline of “hiring graphic designer” on it and asking my staff to wear it. [ That did not happen because of work overload – but I am intending to try it out soon ].

    Hope the above was of help!
    Feel free to ask some more – I’d love to learn how your expereince went.


  4. Hey Guys, i am a free lance designer at present in chennai and i have a good network of friends and accomplices here. If you guys are interested i can refer you ppl for the posts you require i have friends across various fields of designing like software development freeks for web, 3D mumbo-jumbo, flash brains, etc.

    Also, if you guys are interested, i would like to take up any outsourced projects that you can spare. We can start off with small projects and if feasible can take it further up.

    feel free to mail me at urs.truly1@gmail.com


  5. I am an American, but my wife and I are moving to Mumbai in July. I am a graphic designer that will be looking for work once I get there she will be going to school there-that’s why we’re moving). I am not planning on getting a work VISA, but if we could work something out, I can do freelance work, etc.

  6. Hi, I don;t have any URI, I just wanted to congratulate u, i think this is best job advertisment, I am from Bangalore i just finished my DTP course, i am just searching in the web for any opportunities or any guidence to start my own work,
    any way congratulation, i am married i cant move to Mumbai now, Now we r in the same filed, hope i will meet u some day.


  7. hello, I’m a freelance media designer in Mumbai, I’m seeking a job as the same, I would be glad to apply at your studio for the post of media designer.
    I’ve done a Diploma in Media Technologies from SAE Technology College, Mumbai.

    softwares I use are-
    Adobe Photoshop,
    Corel Draw
    and 3Ds MAX.

    hoping a reply for the same.

  8. hi i m mahesh sain working as a net i want to learn dtp course from online becouse i m doing a job for sify iway internet cafe in nangloi new delhi i did’t have time to do the any thing for out side of the cafe thanks

  9. Dear friends.

    I am looking to hire a Web Site developer and designer from India to work in my office in bahrain as full time candidate. My requirements as the following:
    The candidate should have experience in using these softwares:

    The candidate should have experience in using these softwares:
    1. Adobe Photoshop
    2. Adobe illustrator or Corel Draw
    3. Macromedia Flash
    4. Macromedia Dremweaver or Microsoft FrontPage
    5. Programming Knowledge in Html and PHP

    My main offer will be:

    1. Basic Salary :480 USD
    2. Accommodation near to the office
    3. Yearly Bonus

    My business description:
    I am the owner of JanGraphic business here in Bahrain for Designing and Developing Web Sites and this is our web site http://www.jangraphic.com .visit our web site and you will have an idea what we are doing and what we are looking for.

    Please if you are interested in working in Bahrain please reply to my email

    Looking forward to hear from you very soon.

    Farooq A.Aziz
    Managing director

    My Contact no 00973 3 9534486

  10. hi,
    i am a b.tech graduate in fashion technology.am good at designing and ve done a few designs for my design collection project.i am a fresher with no work experince so i wud lik to know how i cud make a gud an impressive portfolio and help getting contacts of chennai based designers or the portfolios so i can get a better knowledge about preparin one for my own self.

  11. Hi im looking for a fashion designer fresher or experienced to work with me.im australian based designer and exporter .contact me on my email with your resume and reference .i will be i india for a month from next week.
    im launching my label soon

  12. I do digital design work in chennai,looking out for a commercial space of about 100sq.ft in and around madipakkam,nanganellur or adambakkam.I would be intrested to work on profit share if the required space is provided.
    I am located at madipakkam.i am into design,print,and publicity.
    please let me know about the links for design work in chennai.
    Presently i do a lot of work from home.

  13. hi
    i am a website designer. and i am very sure what i have design or what i will design ,u will definitely like it

    you can see my works at http://www.funvila.com

    But the problem with me is that i am a college studnet and i want to work from home only.So if any one interested u may email me at: skorpland at gmail dot com.
    you are most welcome.
    agian u shuld check my website: www dot funvila dot com

  14. Hi Ishpreet,
    Thank you for stopping by on the blog – I am not a fashion designer – I’m a graphic designer and I do logo design, brochures, branding, photography etc. But my sister’s an aspiring fashion designer – in her final year of NIFT – I will forward your email to her and she will get in touch with you! Her website is http://www.akanksharedhu.com
    Thanks Ishpreet,

  15. hi!
    i am looking 4 a female who has an expirence sum knowlage abt fashion..n who can convence with confidence how to sell the out fit…

  16. Hi Naina…. I would love to work with you but i m not full filing the basic criteria….I m not fresher anymore. I liked your approach, very unique.

  17. hello naina,

    hope you are doing great…just came across this opening…not sure how old this is…I wanted some guidance about how i shud go about in this designing industry…in the sense…any colleges or any other professional courses that help u become brighter…i have designed one website…www.medeft.com, but the problem is of the font and some other browser compatibility issues…so that site might not display properly….also i have created a few logos which i shall upload on coroflot very soon.

    Also let me know if I probably can meet you at your convenience and get some valuable guidance from you


  18. hi i m mukesh kulshrestha working as a sr. grafic designer. I Finished animation course from arena before 10 years. and i have many more knoledge about these softwares. coral draw x3,photoshop,flash,premiere,sound fourge,after effects,elastic reality,combusion,pinnacle studio,aver magic,autocad,3ds max, maya. so i am looking the best job as my experiance.

  19. Hi Naina,
    I am a graphic designer based in Mathura (U.P.) I am well versed in Photoshop, CorelDraw, Indesign and Illustrator. I am working here for a big publication house. Now I want to start my own business in prepress.

  20. hi naina, i m a fashion designer.i’ve been freelancing for the last 6 years.because of the nature of my husbands job,i cant stay put n work at one place.i m passionate about my work n can work hard to any extent.can u please suggest me something.i dont mind sending my designs to a reliable source.we are in tamilnadu till next year.

  21. Pooja, I am not in the field of fashion design and my understanding of that industry is limited only to the weekly conversations that I have with my sister who is a fashion designer herself. what has worked for me as a freelancer – as a graphic design freelancer – might not work for you because by nature, most graphic design work can be managed on the digital medium and I can work comfortably with a laptop and an internet connection without having to bother about my geographic location. I wouldn’t know what to do with you designs – if fashion design is what you are talking about. For getting started on the online marketplace, I would suggest you first create a website and atleast one online professional profile – like mine on LinkedIn. If your work is good and you utilize the internet well, it won’t be long before you have enough work to actually choose from. Please feel free to send me an email directly and I might be able to assist you with creating an online presence – I could help you with some free resources or even design your website for you and guide and consult you on how to approach this best. Thanks Pooja, Kind Regards, Naina

  22. Hi Bhupendra, Congratulations on the new business – I wish you all the very best and success in your venture.
    Kind Regards, Naina

  23. Abhinav here.I am a software engineer in bangalore.But i have a degree in fashion designing in my hand.i have good creative idea also.i want to do freelance fashion designing job.any one help me for that.i am a fresher in a Fashion designing field.
    i am at bangalore only

  24. Abhinav, The blog post that you replied to was written when I was the creative head at Comart [ http://www.comart.in ], which I quit in July 2006. I am a one-person design studio currently and don’t see myself hiring anyone ever. I don’t mind collaborating with other ‘freelancers’ if their work’s better than mine – otherwise there’s no point. That too in the sphere of ‘graphic design’ not fashion design. I wouldn’t know what to do with a fashion designer! Nonetheless, thank you for stopping by and your comment.

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