UPDATE : 11th August 2008 : This position was written for in January 2006. I was the Creative Head at Comart. Now I am a one-person design studio with no intentions of hiring anyone and collaborating only with other freelancers / designers who are better than I am. So, in short, this position is no longer available.

I am looking to hire graphic designers.

[ I have accepted a position as the Head of the Creative Services business division at a well-known pre-press company in Mumbai – they are expanding and in the same regard, will be hiring designers to build the team. ]

This is a full-time job.

I’m looking for the following


  • Freshers [ maximum one-year experience ]
  • Whether you have design education or not is not of prime importance – if you can show me that you can design good stuff, I’ll consider you whether you actually trained to be an engineer or microbiologist.
  • It does not matter how socially presentable you are or whether you can speak good english – the people who will be hired will be good designers AND self-confident.
  • You should have worked in various softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw and should also have some experience with working on an Apple Macintosh. [ Extra software knowhow is welcome. While there is no immediate need for Flash and web development expertise, if you know it, it will come in handy soon enough. ]
  • You do not necessarily need a computer to draw – you can do as well or even better with a pencil, paper and your hands.
  • You can work with minimal supervision.
  • You follow your favorite blogs, news and websites with RSS feeds [ or at least know what I am talking about ].
  • You know how to follow-up with clients.
  • You don’t need to “meet” someone to communicate with them.
  • You are not afraid to ask questions.
  • You know how to smile.
  • You live in Mumbai.
  • If you have studied design, you have the ability to break the rules.

Advantages of working at this company


  • You will work on projects for some bad-ass companies [ we print for more than half the Indian advertising and publishing companies ].
  • You will “build” you portfolio [ since you are a fresher, you will know the value of that ].
  • The best tools [ software/hardware ] will be available to you to enable you to do your best work yet.
  • The CEO is a great guy.
  • Work will include packaging design, designing calendars, designing art books, designing corporate identity, designing brochures, book covers, CD covers – to start with – and the scope will expand manifold as the number of clients increase.

Keep in mind


  • I would prefer if you sent me links to where your resume/CV is uploaded/accessible on the web instead of PDF/Word attachments.
  • DO NOT attach your portfolio to the e-mail. Send me a link [ if you do not have stuff on the web – put it up right now – go to Coroflot and use their free option. and then send me a link. ]
  • Tell me what kind of money you are thinking of [ whenever I replied to ads in the past, I used to hate answering this question in particular – I did answer it though ].
  • DO NOT call me up on the phone. I will not consider your “application” if you call me up.

I want to know what work you’ve done – personal projects, projects for friends, projects at companies – don’t tell me who you did it for – tell me and show me what the goal was and how you exceeded it.

Oh! And like everyone else on the planet – I’m looking for someone “different”, someone “unique” and someone who stands apart from the crowd. [ There are 3-5 positions open. ] Send me an e-mail.

Update: 01 Feb 2006

Please do not leave comments here for this position.