In the last couple of days, I have been overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of blogs being written and read in India. It also made me realize that I need to include my blogs in Indian Blogging related directories.

While I have been blogging since October 2004 [ I started with Blogger on the ideas @ aside blog ], I have only now started searching for Indian bloggers.

Some of the blogs I checked out today were simply “mind-blowing” in terms of quality of content – we do have some very passionate people! Yay!

I am in the process of adding my blogs to Indian Blog directories and also adding links to fellow-Indian bloggers blogs in my blogroll [ wow! now that’s a blogalicious sentence πŸ™‚ ]

There is also a Mumbai Bloggers Meet taking place on the 31st of January at Cafe Coffee Day at Bandra [ Carter Road ]. You can find the details of the time and venue at Eventful as well as I am attending – leave me a note in the comments sections and I’ll add you to my contacts to meet list πŸ™‚

Mark from Weblogtoolscollection was also mentioning a WordPress meet in Calcutta, India and while I am based in Mumbai and will not be able to make it, if you are in or around Calcutta AND you host a blog on WordPress – maybe you’d be interested in meeting with him!