They have a Chief Networking Officer! Read more about Udo Hamm‘s new role as openBC’s Chief Networking Officer on the openBC blog

openBC now has a new Power Search feature where you can search for people who have recnetly changed the details in their “company” or “position” sections of their profile. It’s called “Contacts of mine whose company or position has changed recently” Now if only they would include this as an RSS Feed so I could access the details in my Inbox. On second thoughts, most of the Power Search features can be made more accessible by providing RSS feeds – for example, I’ll immediately know when someone clicks on my profile or visits my website! [ That would be a neat feature ].

Another feature introduced is “Mark message as unread” – the main utility I see of this feature is to allow me to get back to important messages. What I do right now to get back to important messages is to forward the message to my inbox.


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