Their current logo is in Hindi and they are looking to change their image/look/branding. They are still sorting out internally whether they should actually go ahead and change the logo – they have had it for 25 years!

The elements of the current logo are as follows:

  • The name “SOHAM”: “soham” means “I am him” in Sanskrit, which basically means that as human beings we need to believe that God is within us. More on Wikipedia
  • The two dots like “:” [ the colon ] to represent Soham visually. The dots also represent “nirvana”.

  • The octagon: it represents life, regeneration, the eight-fold path in Buddhism, earth transformer, holistic, growth, transformation, dynamism. The octagon is supposed to be the stage between the square and the circle, which signifies strong spirituality.
  • The current logo also uses the color green to signify discipline. Other symbols include representation for roots.

Since they are not yet definitely decided to actually change their logo, I decided to do concepts that did not drastically move away from their current concept. I have stayed with the octagon since it is a very powerful visual concept loaded with meaning that identifies with the real-estate industry. Real-estate provides homes for people – it is their very own world on the earth – hence the keywords that represent an octagon fit the idea behind real-estate.

Soham is specifically a residential property building real-estate company.

Please take your mouse over the images to read the concept/thoughts/ideas behind each image.