I believe that the name of the service itself “iAmWanting” is strong enough to carry through the corporate identity. In such a scenario, only the simplest of logos will look good and right.

My first thought was – we are trying to sell the idea that “everything” and “anything” that you want will be available on iAmWanting.com as it is a classifieds service [ we launch for the city of Mumbai first ]. So what signifies “everything” – a circle because it also represents the universe. But a circle in itself is a very cliched form, which has been used for all kinds of logos.

After a keyword/keyphrase brainstorming session, the following words/phrases were collected:

  • ocean
  • universe
  • what do you want
  • desire
  • want
  • need
  • give it to me baby
  • everything
  • all
  • search
  • find
  • longing
  • positive
  • earth
  • fulfil
  • looking
  • personal
  • individual
  • umbrella
  • page flipping
  • mark it
  • all encompassing
  • hug
  • to feel wanted
  • compliments
  • 18 till I die
  • always young
  • no wrinkles
  • health
  • enjoyment
  • happiness
  • satisfaction
  • “–” personified
  • status
  • fame
  • enabler
  • goal
  • bull’s eye
  • hole in one
  • life
  • secrets
  • to-learn
  • play
  • have fun
  • specific needs
  • treasure hunt
  • only easier
  • clues
  • onion
  • we will give you whatever you are seeking
  • fishing for clues
  • fish hook
  • eternal youth
  • immortality
  • bring everything together
  • move forward
  • get ahead
  • get work done
  • shows the path ahead
  • paving the way
  • bricks
  • search nirvana
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • will help you find your needle in the haystack
  • forbidden fruit
  • local search
  • we’ve nailed it for you

These were keywords to get the drawing process started – some don’t quite fit as obviously as the others and the motive behind suggesting those words was then found out.

The following sketches were created based on some of the above keywords [ this is only set one – due to a serious creative block, set two has been delayed 🙂 ]

Please keep in mind that these are rough sketches and jagged visual representations of ideas. They have been numbered, so if you have a favorite, please let me know so that it can be shortlisted for round two for refinement.


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