Keywords that signfy Mumbai [ in my opinion ] – [ and borrowing heavily from Bachi Karkaria’s TOI article ]:

bitch goddess of success
representing – Bollywood [ the Indian Film Industry ], BSE [ Bombay State Electricity ], Dhanda and the Don [ like the Mafia ] reality
India’s most powerful brand

“symbol to communicate Mumbai’s speciality”

global city

So now I have some of the keywords in place.

Mumbai, to me, has been the city where opportunities lurk around every corner. It is upto each person coming to Mumbai, to recognize those opportunities and seize them to her/his advantage. As Mumbai has grown and become the metropolitan city that it is today, one trend that has grown is the city’s acceptance of the career woman and vice versa.

Mumbai is considered to be one of the safest cities in India for working [ and other ] women.

Sure it is a city of dreams, but if included in a tagline, it could severly limit the meaning by implying that Mumbai only “shows” dreams – does not “make them come true”. So, although a great thought, I don’t believe it will do too well as a tagline.

[ I will keep updating this particular blog entry as I keep coming up with more concepts and ideas for the Mumbai logo. ]

While Mumbai is indeed India’s economic capital, it is far from being truly comparable to any of the other truly metropolitan cities of the world like Shanghai and New York. So we could have a tagline like “Gathering Speed” to keep the spirit of growth and dynamism always in play. even when Mumbai reached the status of cities like Shanghai and New York, the “Gathering Speed” tagline could signify that Mumbai does not rest on its laurels and is always striving to better itself.

It will also signify the intricate local-train network that helps Mumbai move.


One of the ways to send across the “tag line” for the competition was to SMS it to 8888, which I have already done for the “Gathering Speed” tagline. But I truly seem to be suffering from “creative-block” apart from being a bit ill.

UPDATE: 24th January, 2006, 11:40 p.m.

Well, it’s the end of the 24th – the last date of submission for the logo and I haven’t com eup with anything. Missed my chance to paint the Mumbai skyline with my art! Huh 🙂 Sometimes prioritizing is not all that difficult – I had other importan things to do – like doing piles of client work – at least I know I’m getting paid for that.

Who knows, maybe they won’t find a good logo this year 😉


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  1. hello naina.. do u know who won the competition…….though i’ve participated in the competition..i think the competition had absolutely no briefing, no format…NOTHIN..i was also pissed, coz they issued the advertisement so late in the newspapers….but neways.i finished i time and submited , i aint a professional, but thot i will give it a shot…sorry if i bitched too much abt it…bye

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