There is a Mumbai Logo Competition happening where one has to come up with a logo for the city of Mumbai, India and a tag line to fit the personality of the city.

In the same regard I had been wishing that Mumbai should have been a bunch of islands instead of being one solid long chunk of land jutting into the Arabian Sea because I had this wonderful idea of representing the city with smaller bits/symbols.

In order to learn how other major cities of the world represent themselves via identities, I started browsing the web. The very first website was for Bahamas and my “unique” idea for a logo for an island city/country did not seem so unique anymore 🙁 The Bahams logo has been designed by Duffy & Partners.

I also found an article on LogoLounge, where the process of coming up with the identity for The Islands of Bahamas has been detailed.

[ the images have been copied from the Flash based website of Duffy and Partners and DO NOT belong to me – neither am I using them for commercial purposes and neither am I leeching bandwidth – I have uploaded the images to my server, thank you very much ]

The Islands of Bahamas Logo

A Brochure cover using similar shapes

Letterhead and envelope using the logo

Symbol set created by Duffy & Partners for The Islands of Bahamas

So, here I am ogling at the fantastic branding and identity work done by Duffy & Partners. with three days to go for the submissions for the Mumbai Logo Design competition, I have not even started the process on paper. The authories officially declared the competition only a couple of days back and I’ve only been “mind-floundering” since then.

If I am able to get something done and actually do submit something, I will of course post it on the blog.


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  1. Your work really inspires. All the best for Mumbai logo competition.
    I’m sure you’ll do a good job.

  2. Wow! Me too! I am doing a case study critique for this for my ‘Corporate Identity’ class. It is a great logo w/ a great site to go along with it. So fun and colorful — perfect for defining the Bahamas. I’m glad you posted about this. Thank you so much.

  3. Hey Nikki! Thanks for stopping by – I’m glad you found something of use here 🙂 Good luck with your case study critique – you’ve picked a beautiful corporate identity.

  4. Hey man…
    This work rocks!!!
    Graphic quality here is beautiful.
    I can see a lot of effort taken on detailing on this logo and the visual language.

  5. Yup Vidisha, it is one of those inspiring pieces that not only ‘look’ good but also represent the theme very well. Awesome design work indeed.

  6. What is the font that they use for the bahamas, somebody must know i have searched the net for ages just trying to find a clue

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