There is a Mumbai Logo Competition happening where one has to come up with a logo for the city of Mumbai, India and a tag line to fit the personality of the city.

In the same regard I had been wishing that Mumbai should have been a bunch of islands instead of being one solid long chunk of land jutting into the Arabian Sea because I had this wonderful idea of representing the city with smaller bits/symbols.

In order to learn how other major cities of the world represent themselves via identities, I started browsing the web. The very first website was for Bahamas and my “unique” idea for a logo for an island city/country did not seem so unique anymore 🙁 The Bahams logo has been designed by Duffy & Partners.

I also found an article on LogoLounge, where the process of coming up with the identity for The Islands of Bahamas has been detailed.

[ the images have been copied from the Flash based website of Duffy and Partners and DO NOT belong to me – neither am I using them for commercial purposes and neither am I leeching bandwidth – I have uploaded the images to my server, thank you very much ]

The Islands of Bahamas Logo

A Brochure cover using similar shapes

Letterhead and envelope using the logo

Symbol set created by Duffy & Partners for The Islands of Bahamas

So, here I am ogling at the fantastic branding and identity work done by Duffy & Partners. with three days to go for the submissions for the Mumbai Logo Design competition, I have not even started the process on paper. The authories officially declared the competition only a couple of days back and I’ve only been “mind-floundering” since then.

If I am able to get something done and actually do submit something, I will of course post it on the blog.