• Receive an e-mail in your inbox informing that there is someone who wants to connect with you on openBC.
  • Visit openBC “Confirm Contacts” page to check who it is and what their note says.
  • If I want to connect with them and send them a message, I click on “Confirm with message” [ great feature – LinkedIn could do well to include a confirm with message ]
  • Next window with options on what contact information should be made available to the new contact used to open – the top of the list had the checkbox which allowed me to check “all”. Very convenient.
  • Next window allowed me to compose and send this person a message.

  • The check “all” checkbox has gone and I have to individually check all the [ more than 15 ] checkboxes.
    I hate it so much that I’m thinking I don’t want to be doing this more than once in two weeks [ who wants to check so many boxes for confirming ONE contact? ]

Bad move [ I wonder why they did it? ]

UPDATE: 12th February 2006

Sorry for the late update, but the issue was resolved almost immediately by the vey proactive openBC developer team. It was a browser issue affecting Ie users and has now been put to rest. Check the comments for more details.