Sometime back, Performancing was having this competition to design buttons for their FireFox plugin [ it allows you to blog from within the borwser ]. The results are out.

These were my submissions:

And this was the winner [ not mine 🙁 ]


  1. Hi Naina,

    Just surfed in from Technorati 🙂

    Thanks for your feedback – your designs are great! I imagine they would have been serious contenders.



  2. Hey Wayde!
    Are you kidding! Yours was “the best” there was – at least from the ones I saw! Besides number three on my designs looks uncannily like yours – I was trying to make something that looked good and after seeing your entry – I just had to get my hand at doing something similar – maybe a benchmark for something later.

    Great to finally see that you have a web presence – I didn’t know where to look 🙂

    Thank you for stopping by Wayde!
    And I do want to see the screenshots from the Allianz intranet 🙂 I’ll wait for you to “compose” yourself 😉

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