I’ve just signed up for Jambo.

Naina’s DiscoverMe Page is where you can read my Jambo profile.

At the outset it seems geared more towards social networking – but could work for business networking too. But I’m not sure how it helps in the flood of already existing similar technologies. Sure it works with Wireless – but I’m in India – how’s wireless going to help my case? But then most software/technologies are not designed for developing countries anyway 🙂

I’ve created my profile and now I have to look for and add friends – then Jambo will seek them out if they are close to me and send me some kind of message so that I can then get in touch with them. One scenario I can think of – and I maybe wrong – I’m sitting in the waiting lounge of the airport and working on my laptop, Jambo is on – suddenly it pings me that someone I know from LinkedIn or openBC is in the vicinity – it will tell me who it is and then I could probably stand up on my chair and holler out their name if I don’t know what they look like ;)  Or I could send them a message on Jambo and tell them where I am…


  1. I laughed so hard at the sight of you standing up and yelling someones name in a crowded airport. I laughed harder thinking of many people doing this in airports all over the world.

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