Wow! Who thought it would be so simple.

The only trouble I had was that I deleted the wp-config.php file and had to thus re-create it. Apart from that it was just the slow internet connection that kept me nail-biting, waiting to see whether Blix works on WordPress 2.0 or not!

And it works! Whoopee! [ Oops! Sorry! But even though this is a company blog, I can’t help clapping with glee at how easily the WordPress team makes me feel like I’m a geek 😉 ]


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  1. Happy New Year!

    I’ve upgraded another blog I own from previous version, but it failed. I had to erase everything and manually upload new files, then change the config file. (Maybe we should keep this discussion on LinkedBloggers!)

    btw, do you like the current admin function with Ajax? I think it got much convenient when it comes to choose categories for the posts. However, I think wordpress still needs to carefully listen to users and makes it much, much easier for anyone to start blogging!

  2. Hi Takuya!

    My goodness, I can imagine all the trouble you must have gone through with the upgrade to WordPress 2.0 – I know it can be crazy if it fails. I really tried to ensure I got everything right before I actually started upgrading the blogs.

    I copied “everything” from my FTP [ which I might add is a tad paranoid – but then I am no expert! ] and I backed-up everything I could using the phpMyAdmin console for my website.

    In the first change-over I had to create my config file again because in my haste, I deleted it [ wasn’t there in the backup either 😛 ]. In the changeover of the business networking blog, I had a hang of how to do it, so I just created backups from phpMyAdmin, not the FTP and went ahead and did the upgrade.

    It all went so smooth for me [ I was perspiring of course ] but I can’t even imagine getting it botched – had that happened to me, I would have been running to my geek friends here in Mumbai!

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