[ TEXT REMOVED ] I am creating a plan to upgrade a client’s website. The client is going through changes to upgrade the company image – marketing efforts – because till date all their clients have come to them on their own and they get 80% of their business from 20% of their clients. They intend to change that – their market reach is tremendous [ all top advertising and publishing firms use the client’s company for printing and pre-press jobs ] and the client company can do a lot more business than it is doing right now.

In the same spirit, the client had setup a photogaphy department about one year ago and have now also started a Creative Services division to cater to smaller clients who are unable to afford agencies for their design needs. These clients can come to them for an end-to-end solution – they do the design, the photography, the pre-press as well as the printing.

The marketing effort too is focused in that direction. For about 70 years now, the client company has been at the forefront of pre-press in India. Now they want to change that image and include services like photography, creative services and digital asset management.

    So that is one huge project going on currently: Marketing material. This includes :

  • corporate brochure,
  • re-working the corporate identity – business cards, letter-head and logo,
  • re-designing the website,
  • industry-specific brochures,
  • and service-specific inserts/flyers.
    Other projects are :

  • A product brochure for a large Indian furniture and fixtures brand.
  • Hangtags for a large clothes retailing company [ which by the way is one of the toughest projects so far – somehow I am absolutely unable to think of a suitable design approach – one of the reasons being that the client-breif was not taken properly and also because I did not research hangtag design before I started the project ]. That’s what happens when you inherit clients.
  • A quote in preparation for a major construction giant in India [ signage for their latest project ]
  • A corporate brochure for a Finanial services company
  • A recruitment brochure for the students of the B-School NITIE or National Institute of Industrial Engineering.

Hopefully, I will be able to follow-up this post with images and sketches of what I’ve been upto.

One of the best parts about this job, from a design prespective, is that now, I can take dummy prints of my designs!

This post has been edited to make it more politically correct.