No, openBC does not have that feature.

I wish they did – I am finding it terribly difficult to stay in touch with everyone. I’m not sure what openBC’s reasons are to not provide that feature. A “conservative” platform like LinkedIn has that feature and it is used quite frequently too by members – openBC being more “open” should certainly allow members to send messages to everyone on a user’s contact list.

I recently changed jobs and am heading the Creative Services division at Comart and wanted to share that news with my network. While on LinkedIn it was a two-step procedure [ updating my profile and then sending an e-mail to everyone on my list ], on openBC it is impossible! [ Unless I export all my contacts to Outlook, create a group and then send them an e-mail, which is a tough task because almost everyday I am adding two-three new contacts on my list and upgrading my Outlook everyday is going to be quite a pain ].

It’s not like they don’t know about this – I personally have sent them a suggestion twice and requested this feature – I am sure it’s a pending release – but when? My networking efforts on openBC will suffer till then.