I’ve been terribly busy with my new job and only today did I notice the Web Profile option on LinkedIn!

I must say that finally, LinkedIn’s come around to being something that more people can embrace as a professional solution for their online image. Although not customizable – for example, I would like my profile to have a photograph – it is a great start.

It is available on the my profile page

Under the web profile tab

and looks like this

I have set my LinkedIn Web Profile URL as http://www.linkedin.com/in/naina



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  1. Hi there,

    How did you manage to get a URL in http for your Web Profile? Mine always end up as a https and I can’t get around that.

  2. Hi Pierre,

    You are right – strangely enough, my profile opens an http page. I don’t think there’s much difference in the https and http pages though. It seems more like a difference in semantics.

    Just try typing in http insteadf pf https – does it still open your web profile?

  3. This was another excellent move from Linkedin executives: it enables its members to increase their visibility, and for Linkedin it is a fantastic way to “spread the word” and further increase their database of members… and their revenues thanks to the sponsored links from Google!
    Very clever.

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