Sorry for the unannounced absence from the blog.

I’ve been meaning to post about the Bloggers meet that took place on 31st January in Mumbai, but that was also my first day at the new job [ and I still have to get myself a dedicated terminal/computer there ] hence the literal non-accessibility to this blog and hence no posts.

Work is great!
[ I’m doing the job I thought I would’ve been doing maybe in another 5 years time – it’s like being a paid entrepreneur! ]

Once I get my own computer, I will hopefully be back to posting as regularly as earlier.

Apart from that, I am in hiring frenzy – but am absolutely unable to find anyone good enough. Looks like they don’t make good designers in India anymore [ or maybe it’s specific to Mumbai ]. I’ve interview six people in the last three days – including graduates from the J.J. School of Art and the L.S. Raheja School of Arts – and each person’s work “sucked” big-time. Not one of them was professional enough to introduce themselves properly, ask me questions about the company or express any interest in the job/company/profile.

One person who evinced some interest in the profile asked me only one question “How much salary do you pay?” – they did not want to know anything about the company, anything about the job profile or anything else relevant to the job-posting – all they wanted to know about was the “money”. [ while money is an important part – I hope not everyone believes it to be the ONLY motivator ].

Please, some good designers now. [ Or should I say “Some designers now. Please.” ] 😀