This particular client company is shifting it’s offering focus from only pre-press to include premedia and design. In the same regard, they are currently designing the Corporate overview brochure.

Murzban F. Shroff is in-charge of the copy, I’m in-charge of the design and Dhananjay Balodi is in-charge of the whole project. We also ask Khurshed Poonawala for creative inputs.

This is the first “final” draft of the brochure.

The above are linked images – clicking on them will open larger versions of each page. [ All graphics designed by me – with a lot of help from Murzban, DJ and Khurshed! ] I’ll also keep you posted about the “final” final version!

This post has been edited to make it more politically correct.


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  1. Hay there, Love your work. How do you make your spheres? do you use a mix of 3d and photoshop? How many layers? and what are you doing to those layers?

    I like the way the light is shown.

    Im a gfx designer by trade, and i can never get spheres the look that you got going on! Awesome

  2. Hi Joseph,

    Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your comments.

    I use only Photoshop – at least for these spheres – no 3D – and too many layers to even count 🙂 Overlays and normal with lower opacity – but I’ve learnt that the simpler I keep it, the better it looks! I’d have to write a tutorial to actually explain what I do – and that’s something that’ll take a really long time – and working on so many projects right now hardly leaves any time. When I do manage to write one, I’ll send you a separate e-mail to let you know!

    The internet offers too many tutorials and Photoshop itself is a fantastic resource – I keep experimenting with stuff I’ve never tried earlier – and with Photoshop, there’s no dearth of such stuff!

  3. I am awestruck by your concepts and designs! Fantastic work, some of the best! If you ever write your tutorial, I would like a copy also. Thank you for showing your project.

  4. i want to member your company. i am a graphic designer. and printers all kind of brochers, buisness card and many more things. ok good bye

  5. Hey Naina….I am totally flabberghasted with your dexerity on grphics…..AMAZING!!!!
    I am new in graphic designing and am working on a company catalog and would love to learn something from you…do prepare some tutorials whenever you have time…

  6. Hi Fakhry, Kind of you to stop by and thank you for the appreciation!
    I’m not sure what to prepare a tutorial on! Each project is quite different from the previous one so its difficult to create a process that applies to everything. Would love to see what you came up with in the brochure design. If you’re looking for some freelance work, do drop in an email.

  7. hey naina. nice work on that brochure. do u take up freelance job? let me know if u do. and keep up the good work.

    kind regards

    ritvik asthana
    Creative Head
    enterr10 television

  8. Hi naina.. good day! How you’d do that sphere in photoshop? amazing! can you send me a tutorial thank you. have a nice day.

  9. Ms Naina, Very sleek and absolutely striking. So less but so much in it. Its like the output is talking less ond saying more. Keep the good work.

  10. Hello Naina.

    I was doing some research work for a concept on brochure design for my firm when I stumbled across your work quite by accident. I was spell-bound. I have been in the graphics industry for over 12 years and have been fooling around with Photoshop for over 8 … but I must confess, I have never done anything remotely close to what you do! You’re a genius and it is my privilege to have come across your work in my lifetime. You, simply, inspired me to expand my horizons.

    I wish I could be half as skilled (and creative) as you. I’ll be grateful if we can be exchanging emails from time to time to shed more light on some complicated effects that you make seem too easy.



  11. Thanks Ben! You’re being generous! I am currently struggling with an Annual Report – haven’t designed one earlier and want to do an excellent job hence end up rejecting pretty much every idea I come up with 🙂 I wish it was as easy you make it sound! Please feel free to write in – would be glad to exchange emails. Cheers!

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