The name servers have been changed and I’ve made the switch from Network Solutions to Dreamhost [ Yay! ] But for some reason, the DNS has not been refreshed at my end – everyone outside the company network can see the new one-page website [ LINK REMOVED ] but neither of the computers within the company network show the new website – I still see the old setup – have been calling up friends to check with them whether the new page looks ok and whether it matches the screenshot that I have sent to them [ from my Dreamweaver preview 🙂 ].

It’s still a one-page website where people can download the company’s corporate brochure, the company’s one-page profile and the design studio portfolio and can get in touch with me via e-mail. It uses one main graphic from the brochure to create an identity consistency and uses minimal copy.

I also intend to get the blog started asap!

This post has been edited to make it more politically correct.


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