The company blog has been launched without much fanfare – we need to see how it will help us connect with our clients better. You are welcome to vsit the blog here [ LINK REMOVED ]. Why I say “without fanfare” is because most Indian corporates still have no idea how important a blog is – I’m glad that at least I have a free hand to decide that this might be a good decision for this particular company.


To-do list for post-blog tasks:

  • List it on the major blog directories and search engines
  • Create a proper META tag to allow indexing
  • Populate the blogroll with companies that support this company and create a client blogroll as well
  • Put links to the blog from all my three blogs on design, business networking and marketing
  • Find a way to add the link to the blog in everyone’s company e-mail signatures
  • Send a company-wide e-mail to our national offices to inform them about the latest developments and to invite interested people to contribute to the blog
  • Create departmental categories and figure out useful keywords and tags for each

There will be more, and I will figure it out slowly.

This post has been edited to make it more politically correct.