I’ve been blogging on my design studio blog and we have a need for a Creative Head at our Bangalore office. For the uninitiated, I am now working as the Creative Head at the Mumbai office of Comart.

Now we’re looking to hire someone to work as the head of the Design Studio in Bangalore. Much like me, the person will have a large and blank canvas to work with – there is nothing setup in the Bangalore in terms of a design studio, so it will be the Creative Head’s responsibility to create something out of nothing.

Hire people, meet with some of India’s top clientele and inform them that Comart now has a design studio, have an eye for good aesthetics and should have their hand on the pulse of the international design world. [ Much like what I’m doing now ] Its fun!

There is a lot of work involved because it’s like setting up a new business – a new design studio. The advantage is that you will have the full support of the management in terms of infrastructure and contact with clients. The company is more like a family-owned, traditionally run organization – so it’s not easy trying to get “full” co-operation from other “employees” – but every organization has its challenges.

Personally, I know that once I’m outta here, I can start my own company without the usual teething troubles – to a large extent.

Some other facts to know:

There is a two-year agreement that you will be required to sign [ I’ve signed it too ].
Money – in terms of your fixed salary is peanuts – but there are other incentives [ call me up to know more ].
Its a VERY professionally satisfying job – while you don’t need to have an MBA – you do need to be a good designer as well as a good manager.
I hate to say this but you do need to know how to speak in English – more languages would be an added bonus
This time around, I am going to leave the comments open – but please send me an e-mail if you or someone you know might be interested.


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  1. hey there – this post sounds really challenging. is it still open? Can you let me know, am based in bangalore.


  2. I know of a young chap in Blore who will fit what you are looking for – Naveenj2@yahoo.co.in. A brilliant guy with an interesting artist mind and jovial connections… give hima shout. What you got to lose?
    +91 80 234 44 244

  3. Hi! Could you send me more detail for I live in bangalore and might look in to the matter.
    (Creative almight)

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