UPDATE :This position is no longer available. It was posted in the year 2006

Well, now we’re looking to hire someone to work as the head of the Design Studio in Bangalore. Much like me, the person will have a large and blank canvas to work with – there is nothing setup in the Bangalore in terms of a design studio, so it will be the Creative Head’s responsibility to create something out of nothing.

Hire people, meet with some of India’s top clientele and inform them that Comart now has a design studio, have an eye for good aesthetics and should have their hand on the pulse of the international design world. [ Much like what I’m doing now 😀 ] Its fun!

There is a lot of work involved because it’s like setting up a new business – a new design studio. The advantage is that you will have the full support of the management in terms of infrastructure and contact with clients. The company is more like a family-owned, traditionally run organization – so it’s not easy trying to get “full” co-operation from other “employees” – but every organization has its challenges.

Personally, I know that once I’m outta here, I can start my own company without the usual teething troubles – to a large extent.

Some other facts to know:

  • There is a two-year agreement that you will be required to sign [ I’ve signed it too ].
  • Money – in terms of your fixed salary is peanuts – but there are other incentives [ call me up to know more ].
  • Its a VERY professionally satisfying job – while you don’t need to have an MBA – you do need to be a good designer as well as a good manager.
  • I hate to say this but you do need to know how to speak in English – more languages would be an added bonus

This time around, I am going to leave the comments open – but please send me an e-mail if you or someone you know might be interested.


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  1. Hi!
    I work as an Art Director at RAVE magazine and am looking for a change. I would love to meet up with you and discuss things if this post is still open!

  2. This is narendra

    i am a graphic designer

    if u have any openings please let me know



  3. Hey Man,
    Good to know you need a Creative head for your design studio.
    Well, i don’t want to act too heavy, but ya i’m a graphic designer.
    Having nearly 15 years of experience, also in Gulf. Currently handling a small design studio independently (like what ur kind of looking for)

    I want to work with some design company who is big & where my ideas & thoughts could be valued. Currently i’m handling the print design duties for a leading mobile phone company here.

    So let me know what is what? And please mail me the pay scale & major responsibilities of mine.

    Thanking you,
    best regards,

  4. hi,
    we would like to get some details for website designing. we are basically a construction and interior decoration company.

  5. hi,
    i hav done my graphic designing course. and all the company’s look for experienced designers. its true that the world is growing too fast and there is hardly time for company’s to take chances.but people like us should be atleast given an opportunity to prove our hard work and capability. if there is any requirement of fresher like me please do let me know through my mail id.

  6. hi,
    this is nidhi singh
    i have done my B.V.A (bechaler of visual arts) from faculty of fine arts baroda.if there is any requirement of fresher please let me know.

  7. hi nidhi, where are you based and are you freelancing? i may have another opening for you near bangalore, indicate if you are inetrested…

  8. Hi, I’m working as graphic designer for 6 years.. I’m looking for a change.. Please let me know the details of the post if it available still

  9. Hi, i have been working as a graphic designer in a asia’s largest printing press for 3 years….but now i’m looking for a change from print media to animation…plz let me know any requirement by my e-mail id.

  10. Hi, I am Shivaprasad, good experience in Web and Print media, outsourcing, working as an Art director/India operations Manager. Heading the Indian creative/program team in bangalore… let me know anyone is interested in hiring in the similar field..

    Thanking you,
    best regards,

  11. Hi,

    I’m working as graphic designer for 7 years.. now i’m working as a freelancer. I would love to meet up with you and discuss. Please let me know


    montry manuel

  12. Hi,
    This is anish varghese alex, have just completed my BFA and looking for job as a grahic designer in Bangalore .Please suggest me a place in Bang,lore where i can work and learn. I have knowledge in photoshop, illustrator, coreldraw and flash.
    Also have done interships @ cochin, bangalore and hyderabad.Have handled live projects in branding and web designing.

  13. HI
    I am a photographer & Visualiser in the industry of advertising for the last
    seven year. Dedicated to work regardless of time as long as i can grow and
    in short i am INTRESTED!!!!!!!!!!!
    pls let me know if the job is still avlaible
    phone # 09980176326 thank you

  14. HI,
    I am shivakumar BFA(Bachalore of fine art) working as a seniour graphic designer
    in bangalore. and also Photography and paintings. Past seven years I gained much experience in graphc and design and creative. I would like to inform you that we have to make Designer committe and let discuss abt creative and modern design.
    If there is any thing like committy of meet up please inform I have to join. I can be reach at any time 9341158363

  15. Hi

    BFA graduate, more than 10 yrs of graphic design experience, recently migrated to b’lore from mangalore, looking for change in the same field. let me know if any
    Iam using CS2, CorelDraw, AI, illustrator

    Mob: 94805 91046

  16. Hi…

    I’m interested in learning photoshop/flash/ etc to create good presentations, add some creative thoughts to the same… if you know anyone in Bangalore who would teach me these on part time / freelance basis, pls contact me on : 98450.90100…tks.

    1. Sorry Manoj, I am not aware of anyone who can teach you these particular things in Bangalore. Why do you need someone to teach you when you have access to the internet? You could just get online and search Google – there are dozens of excellent resources available.

  17. Hi All,

    I have great experience working for Top Companies in the country and have been trained to be a professional trainer. I need someone who can work with me in creating amazing training material. I’m based in Bangalore and if anyone is interested, pls call me on 9845090100.


  18. Hi Naina,

    Tks for your revert. Did search on Google. But to no avail. Some of the guys who posted for freelance teaching on graphic designing were not upto the mark. In case you come across anyone, pls do let me know. My number is already known to you.

    Tks again.

  19. Hi Naina,

    While I understand that the Creative Head post was open only during 2006. I am looking for a similar kind of a job. Currently I am leading a creative team at an MNC. Kindly let me know if a similar opening exists. Please reply or contact me on
    93422 41761


  20. Dear naina,

    Came across your webpage while browsing. Is really impressive. (truly). Congrats.

    I am a film maker based at Chennai with a few years of experience as a teacher for subjects related to mass comm & film making.

    I am looking out for some of my friends with whom I had worked in Hyderabad way back in 1993. Sajid (an art Director) & Venkat (from Accts) of Everest had quit Bangalore & moved to Hyd to set up Breaquethrough an ad agency with Sehgal & Venkat Patla.

    Later I came to know that Sajid & Venkat shifted back to Bangalore.

    Since I am in Bangalore for a few days, I was wondering whether I can trace them & meet them.

    Hoping that you would help me.

    Thanking you.

    with warm regards,



    1. Hi Sriguha, I’m not sure how I can help. I’m not based in Bangalore at all. I’m in Gurgaon. The post you’ve commented on is many years old and even then I was not in Bangalore 🙂

  21. im a designer from bangalore.
    if u could give ur phone no or mail id.i would be happy to get in touch with u.i have work in start up company,i have experience in complete design solution from design to execution and client co-ordination.

    1. Sandy, thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately, we’re not hiring and we’re not looking for freelancers either. Thanks for your interest.

  22. i have been Working from last 5 years in Different 3d movie Production houses like Crest animation studio’s, UTV Toonz (Division of UTV Motion pictures), having good knowledge in complete production houses and Worked with Ram Gopal varma (Film maker) in one of his movie and now i am working as a creative head for one company, i have my own professional team if u r interested just call me up


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