We’re starting to set the ball rolling in terms of designing a company’s website. Currently it looks like an antique website that belongs to a bygone era.

And now we want to change the look and feel to give it a more international and modern/progressive flavor. Which is easier said than done. Had it been left to entirely to me, I probably would have designed something according to my sensibilities, but obviously, sine it is a large organization, and anything that affects everyone, needs everyone’s consensus – wherein lies my problem.

I do not know how to impress upon the team, how important it is to have a web standards compliant website! All they seem to want is a nice flashy – Flash-based website that looks good. Since they do not have any idea about the “other stuff” it is being assumed that there is no other stuff – which is typical human behavior.

But for the greater good, I want the website done well because ultimately, tomorrow, when I showcase the website as part of my portfolio, I need to be able to show it around proudly. But I am not sure how to go about getting the website designed in accordance with international web standards – as it is I am anti-Flash simply because I feel that it will not achieve anything for this company in accordance with what they do and the services they provide. Had we been expert Flash programmers, I guess it would have been the practical thing to do to build the whole website in Flash.

I believe we need a clean, simple, brief and a very to-the-point website – but it isn’t my decision.

How do you – the web-designers especially – get clients to decide on “one” theme/style/idea when there are more than one decision-makers?

This post has been edited to make it more politically correct.