LinkedIn seems to be waking up to the needs of online networkers [ finally ].

In the past 4-6 months, they have made changes in the way their portal functions and have made it more user-friendly. They have not solved all the user-issues but they sure are taking lots of correct steps in the right direction. The latest in the line of changes is a classified list of links at the bottom of every page on the LinkedIn website. This is what it looks like.

It’s been done similar to a sitemap listing and while very similar to that links-list available to Flickr users, this change at LinkedIn is obviously geared to cater to the needs of more internet-savvy users. This is what Flickr’s links list looks like:

The same also helps LinkedIn newbies to figure the platform quicker and more easily. Earlier, the links we not evident and only if you had been using the LinkedIn portal for a while and had been actually “looking” for the links, only then would you have known where to go.

On the various YahooGroups that cater to LinkedIn users, often there were requests from LinkedIn newbies, asking about where to find a partifular link/feature. Since many of the LinkedIn usability and marketing team members are also part of those YahooGroups, they sure seem to have put the implicit suggestions to use to ease the toothing networker’s pain.