We’re currently designing corporate identity for a client who owns an elite/premium audio/video retail store in Mumbai.

The following are points we took from his brief:

  • He likes a particular company’s logo because it “means” a lot [ so we assume that he would like a really conceptual logo ]
  • He did not have any other favorite logos – none at all – he said he didn’t like any logo particulalry [ which sent alarm belles ringing in my head because I think this means that he is going to be difficult to please ]
  • They were not aware that there were people who made a living designing corporate identity [ so we assumed that they were not truly aware of the graphic design market place and hence were not in the know of design processes either ]
  • They deal primarily in home theatres
  • A majority of their clients are people who do not haggle/negotiate on prices
  • They also do backend wiring and electrical jobs for their equipment
  • Their store is like a typical client’s home – very plush interiors
  • He wanted an emphasis on technology

From the above, we sent them a set of sketches:

And the ones are below from the second round of options sent to the client:

And then yesterday we sent the third round of iterations:

All the above were done depending on what the client had to say in terms of his likes/dislikes.
Hopefully, we should have a logo soon enough!

Designers for the above shapes/logos are as follows: Tomek, Dipti Mehta, Sonal Mehta, Nikhil Andey and yours truly.

This post has been edited to make it more politically correct.