We’re currently designing corporate identity for a client who owns an elite/premium audio/video retail store in Mumbai.

The following are points we took from his brief:

  • He likes a particular company’s logo because it “means” a lot [ so we assume that he would like a really conceptual logo ]
  • He did not have any other favorite logos – none at all – he said he didn’t like any logo particulalry [ which sent alarm belles ringing in my head because I think this means that he is going to be difficult to please ]
  • They were not aware that there were people who made a living designing corporate identity [ so we assumed that they were not truly aware of the graphic design market place and hence were not in the know of design processes either ]
  • They deal primarily in home theatres
  • A majority of their clients are people who do not haggle/negotiate on prices
  • They also do backend wiring and electrical jobs for their equipment
  • Their store is like a typical client’s home – very plush interiors
  • He wanted an emphasis on technology

From the above, we sent them a set of sketches:

And the ones are below from the second round of options sent to the client:

And then yesterday we sent the third round of iterations:

All the above were done depending on what the client had to say in terms of his likes/dislikes.
Hopefully, we should have a logo soon enough!

Designers for the above shapes/logos are as follows: Tomek, Dipti Mehta, Sonal Mehta, Nikhil Andey and yours truly.

This post has been edited to make it more politically correct.


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  1. Typographically, the Eurostile typeface suits the words better than your alternatives. Stay away from Arial. Please. It expresses little about your client’s values, I can bet—since it is the everyday typeface family that says nothing.

  2. Four five logos are very subtle. i would like to give a suggestion, if you use something symbolic to give picture to the logo like a blade or somethin like that, you know……. i know u guys do not need ne suggestion….
    but the work is commendable.

  3. i feel designs are too loud though few of them are good… you can use ‘xenotron’ font , which will give it a subtle look with just a line somewhere.

  4. I think the client intended and laid emphasis on the technology factor…and that was the thread upon which the concept should have been developed.Giving Too many choices also confuses the client.
    Logo design is like a legal gamble.you dont know when and how one may end up with the finished concept.It may take a day..on occasions may be a week.Thats the nature of logo design.

  5. Mahesh, you’re right – too many choices confuse the client – enthusiastic team members learn that the hard way – like we did this time. As for basing the logo design on a partcular factor/concept – that was simply out of the question becaue the client did not KNOW what a logo is – they were in love with another company’s logo and wanted that or a variation of the same. Unfortunately after moving their job to another design studio, we have lost touch with the client.

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