One of the recent additional changes on LinkedIn is that when you log into your account, the main “dashboard” page contains a section, which gives a snippet of information of some users in your network.

For example, if I am one of your direct contacts on LinkedIn, you will currently see the following [ I’ve deliberately left out other users info ]:

So you’ll know I’m in the networking zone these days.
Which has it’s upside and downside – for regular online networking enthusiasts, they will wonder what I’m upto and might send me an update e-mail. But for the no-so-enthusiastic networkers, they might see me as a connection-hound.

I’ve had varying feedback on the feature from my contacts – the negative feedback includes the thought that it’s too much information and doesn’t really help in any way.

The way I look at it is that this is a feature that allows me to be in the minds of all my direct contacts whenever I want without my sending them personal e-mails. For me, it’s a great way to advertise – if only the announcement also included my company’s name and designation or atleast my profile headline.

Currently, the announcement – showing that I have added 25 connections – just lets my direct contacts know that I’m an avid netwoker with a very high positive return on investment – meaning that people will not hesitate to accept my invitation to connect when I’ve sent them an invite or that there are lots of people who want to connect with me.

I believe it’s a fantastic feature!