Michael Beirut on DesignObserver recently wrote about the Mysterious Power Of context where he talks about how logos don’t make the brand – it’s the brand that makes the logo citing the famous example of the Nike “Swoosh”.

And Rutledge also writes about Logo Misapplication on his blog where he says:

“I believe that the logo is the most abused, misapplied, misconceived, wrongfully distracting element of design and business today. I encounter too many people in business who believe that their logo should define them. The reality is that they should define their logo. For some reason it seems that this business fundamental is lost on most business owners.”

In the past, I’ve discussed that the logo is not the end-all and be-all of the brand. The logo does not define the business. As a designer, one can only suggest aesthetic/visual solutions for a new company’s logo. Making that logo recognizable/identifiable/famous is upto the business and brand. Great to read much more articulate views on the subject.


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  1. Howz that for the new reliance logo. It has a signature “double A” signifying growth and of course the name Anil Ambani.Truly said,”…too many people in business who believe that their logos should define them”.!

  2. Hi Mahesh, Thank you for stopping by!

    I agree, one of the connotations of the new Reliance logo is the double A signifying Anil Ambani. The “A” in the work “Reliance” in the logo is also slightly taller than the rest of the letters. But the inverted V also signifies the male phallus [ anyone who’s read the Da Vinci Code will know 😉 ] So the new Reliance logo could also mean that Anil is telling Mukesh “Mine’s bigger than yours” and is effectively showing the middle finger to Mukesh!

    That is why logo-design is my favorite aspect of graphic design – one can get away with a lot!

  3. Hi Naina…
    Just hilarious… thats absolutely the best explanation for the new Reliance logo!!! Keep cracking us up.

    By the way I think your blog ROCKS!

  4. it is nice logo of Reliance-ADAG. it is expressing tremendous confidence like one who is born for wining to every things..

  5. Are you able to assist please?


    I am a student studying at degree level (BA) in the U.K. , I wondered if you could give me any ideas. I have started a project on logos/trademarks and am collecting logos from superbrands and coolbrands 2006/7 to see what relationship they might have in terms of colour, shapes, whether illustration used or just text etc.. It is entirely up to me in which direction i take my project — any tips on how i could progress further with this, after the research has been done the outcome will be a A5 book.


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