Well, this is probably the first time that I’ve been “e-published”.

Wacom has launched a Community website for the Asia Pacific region and had asked me to write for their “Pro Column”. I have written an article on the subject of “Business of Design“.

By the looks of it, Wacom is trying the online route to getting customers and it feels like a sincere effort too – there’s a lot of new stuff coming up on the community website and we should be reading more from designers and experts from the Asia Pacific region.

A great thing for the designers on the Asian continent!


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  1. What a great article/interview, Naina. Coming from the same space, we always need to explain to people about branding, design and identity. You’ve really touched on several hotpoints. Print it out and share it with your clients!

  2. Thank you Colby!
    I did send it out to people on my network but it isn’t always easy sending the same to clients – if they read it on their own, it would probably be better rather than them getting the feeling that I’m being preachy – it’s a sensitive thing! Can’t be helped.

    I am so glad that you like it and thank you so much for this comment! I appreciate it.

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