The asideConsulting blog had been hosted on Blogger for over two years and has now been moved under the main aside website with a new WordPress design. It uses the Alexified theme, which is another personal favorite alongwith Blix.

Visit the new aside Innovation blog and check out the new design – compare it with the old Blogger blog.


  1. Had a look at the Alexified theme – it says optimised for Firefox – but the design did break at a few places. I think this has got more to do with Firefox, and not the theme, but can’t really be sure.
    A good theme, nonetheless. I personally prefer Blix – it’s so simple and soothing.


  2. Hey Kisalay, You’re right, the theme was breaking in FireFox – just fixed it – looks ok now – sans the Footer 🙂 And the fault was with the theme coding. cheers! Naina

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