I’m extremely pleased to note that openBC is catching up – and how!

They are introducing changes, new features and even a new design at lightning speed.

At the outset, the new design looks fresh and very welcoming as compared to the boxy interface that openBC currently uses. The new look feels more fluid and interactive and easy to use – congratulations to the design team currently working on it. [ openBC has opened up the design challenge to everyone who wants to take a shot at it – they want the profile page designed in three stages – one where the search engines will display the profile page, the other where the owner of the profile will edit it and the other where the profile page will be displayed to openBC members – there’s prize money of Euro 10,000 ].

Other changes include AJAX in their “default settings’ where when you are connecting with someone and have to set the sharing of your contact setting, you can now choose the standard format and just click on “Apply Default Settings” – this is very convenient as compared to the previous multiple clicking on the so many check boxes! Excellent thought.

Now you can also search for people in your contact list based on keywords / tags – this is super cool because earlier it was next to impossible to go to your contact list and find the right person – the only way to do that was to use the general search function and put in keywords and geographic location and then sift through the multiple search results.

One thing I’ve been asking for all along is the ability to download all contact details of all direct contacts with one click – this feature has still not been provided and I am not sure why.

Another feature they should/could provide is the ability to sort through personal contacts on the basis of “last date of contact/communication”, “date of direct contact and network connection on openBC” – I feel that would be extremely useful information to allow people to stay in touch with existing contacts and to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

Another feature that I suggest is the ability to send an update to all personal contacts with one click – on openBC, currently, you have to send individual messages to each person separately – an additional feature would be the ability to classify personal contacts into groups – and then be able to send e-mails to that particular group.

openBC is definitely getting much better at networking!


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