Here’s something I got from Gautam’s blog [ reposted here in full ]:

“Presently, I am working in the US and am planning to return back to India. I have about 8+ years of experience would like to know the compensation levels offered to professionals like me in the IT field, who have extensive experience in Project/Program Management, Information Security, and Information Systems Audit. Of late, as you would agree, the Indian Market has seen an exponential and excellent traction in terms of opportunities and employment. The rate has been terrific and almost every one in abroad (whether USA or UK or Europe or Australia) are making their way back to India due to this. One important component here has been the salary/compensation and benefits package, which seems to be going at or beyond par with International markets. I have a few questions in this regard and would like to obtain your views on this.”

Without revealing too much, from personal experience, I can confirm the same about the scene of the design industry in India / Asia as well.


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  1. But is it true? I don’t believe in India, may be some few group get this oppertuinity and are well of, but see the, you will know the reality. More than half of the population is poor, infrastructure is so bad, corruption is every where, mentality of people is terrible, you will find chief everywhere, but not helper… life is still pathetic, why all IT jobs going to India…. Simply because Indian are so poor that no one will work Cheaper than them in all over world……

  2. Hi there,

    Thank you for the comment on the blog.

    I don’t need to go see BBC – I live in India myself – so I know how it is.
    How well is Malaysia doing? How was it ten years ago? Have you lived and worked in India?

    Each country has the rich/poor divide so your saying that you don’t believe in India isn’t going to make much difference to the point that I was making in the post.

    Salaries and quality of life are getting better in India. It’s not like the whole population turned rich overnight – but I’m extremely happy to report that its changing for the better.

    As for the IT jobs, let me compare my design job to that – I am NOT the cheapest in India – in fact, sometimes, I am more expensive than designers in the US – I still get enough work. It’s not JUST about money – quality of work is extremely important – if the work sucks, whether the cost is cheap or expensive, the client WILL bail.

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