Firefox stole the domain – it’s a prespective thing – the “stealing” part I mean.

Maybe if I’d included a little bit of text saying “Neither this site nor aside is connected with Mike Industries” thigs would be different. Or maybe if I’d been as famous as FireFox!


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  1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe you should reconsider your reasoning and simply use your skills to differentiate your homepage further to avoid future confusion.

  2. Hi Levi, I appreciate the comment-post. I don’t see why I need to change the design of the homepage. Mike doesn’t have a problem with it – he’s a gracious person.

    And what confusion are we talking about here?

    Thank your for stopping by!

  3. Hi Naina,

    I meant confusion as in accused of being a thief. Simply put: If you use other values for width, padding, opacity, line-height etc. you could stick with the basic idea without looking similar to the Mike Industries homepage.

    To clarify my point: I don’t accuse you of being a thief. I simply noticed lots similiarities between the pages. Inspiration has a lot of influence on the creative process. Maybe another source would make your homepage more unique.

    Thanks for dicussing this matter and your answer.

  4. You are right Levi – confusion of being a thief – I agree.

    It’s just that people’s perceptions vary and I am a tad irked that based on the perspective of some people, I am being labelled universally.

    Anyway, I’ve had enough of this – there was overhaul already planned – the next couple of months were scheduled to take care of a much needed re-design because of changes in business and a handful of partnerships with people – now that’s going to get delayed because I have a good mind of letting the homepage stay this way for another six months – my design work never got me this much attention and I’ll be damned if I change the one thing that did get me that attention.

    Thanks Levi, I totally appreciate your comment-post – it has helped.

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