This is to inform everyone who’s sent me messages asking whether I’m alright that I am indeed alright and I appreciate everyone’s concern – thank you for writing in.

It’s that time of the year when everyone in Mumbai begins talking about how this is a bad year for Mumbai. First, the rains and overflooding; then the Shiv Sainiks burning buses and rioting and now the seven [ tentative number ] bomb blasts where about a 100 people have already lost their lives.

The roads are jammed with people rushing to get home, the rain gods are being generous once again and the phone lines are crammed with frantic phonce calls puring in from all over the world into Mumbai.

While this does not have anything to do with design – at least not directly – indirectly, it’s all destiny and hence design.

There are no words to grieve the loss of lives and I will not even attempt the same.



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  1. Hi Takuya,
    Thank you for the message – I appreciate the support.
    Mumbai’s already back on it’s feet – it’s hard to pull people down in Mumbai 🙂
    But there’s a certain steely look in people’s eye – fed up of all this – it’s happening all over the world.

    You take care,
    Warm Regards,

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