Christophe Langlois is in Mumbai, India and I had the opportunity to meet with him.

Christophe is Sales Manager – EMEA & Asia Pacific at Accuity.

We discussed online business networking at length – portals like openBC, LinkedIn, eCademy, Rediff Connexions and many more I’d not even heard of – Chris is obviously more experienced with the various networks than I am and it was fantastic to speak with him. He also managed to get me to do a video interview about online business networking and blogging, which he is going to post on YouTube and I will post the same on my blog as well.

Chris blogs about business networking on his very well-written and informative blog called the Visible Networking blog. You can grab a feed for his blog here.

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  1. Thank you for your post Naina. It was a great pleasure to meet with you yesterday evening. 🙂
    As promised, in the next couple of days I will upload your interview on YouTube, and I will publish a post dedicated to you as an excellent example of online visibility.
    Take care,

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