A friend – Gautam Ghosh – recently decided to quit the corporate jungle and beat a path of his own as an entrepreneur / freelancer. Read his blog post here.

He and his wife are setting out together in the HR and Organizational Consultancy space – they are based in India and are currently looking for a name for their startup. Gautam’s worked with Dell, HP, Satyam, Deloitte and has now embarked on a very different job search – the “own” job kind.

Congratulations Gautam and good luck!

The fact that he is a ‘high-network’ individual is going to make the journey a tad smoother – I’m sure he will get his some of his initial work and business from people he is connected to online.


  1. thanks Naina !

    I need all the luck I can manage 😉

    And yes, if someone approaches me for a referral of a great designer…you’re the first name that would come to mind !

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