Here then is the document – Creative Brief – that I have officially used for my current four projects. As is the case with everything, there is always room for improvement and I welcome constructive criticism. I have created this document after reading up on how a lot of other design studios and advertising agencies interact with their clients.

I had last talked about this Creative Brief in my last post here.

This document, BY NO MEANS, is complete or tailored to all clients – it needs to be customized for each client and each different project. Kindly use this only as a point of reference to tailor your brief for your clients.

Meanwhile, I also found another resource ( via NetDiver ) – where Randall Cornish, who is the head of RCO Creative and has prepared three documents that can serve as a starting base for designers and artists [ again a reference point ]. I was unable to find the page on their website so the direct links are here [ these are were Zipped files ]:

  • How to write a Creative Brief
  • How to write an artist’s statement
  • How to mount an art presentation

Update : The files are not free but available for USD 1.79 each from their shop.


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  1. hey naina. thanks a lot for this brief. i got it few days back but could not get time to reply u.

    just like this site, the brief is also something different. however, how about converting this to.. a contract?

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