I recently complete my first e-Commerce website template for AHHA and Store builders.

This is how the project progressed:

The brief was short and sweet – something fun and bright and cheerful for consumer electronics client – something quick and easy. Since I had not designed an e-Commerce template earlier, I basically had a clean slate to start with.

The client sent me the following to give better layout guidance :

With the above in mind, I exchanged some notes via Yahoo IM text chat and got down to dirty sketching and the following is the first draft that I came up with to confirm the direction. This was the first time I was doing this and needed to ensure that the iterations could be controlled.

The feedback I got on the above was that the colors were just not right – needed to be more “fresh” and “bright”. And some layout instructions about the menu. The second iteration provided the following draft.

The above was sent to the final client for approval and was approved within a couple of days. I then had to work specifically on the buttons on the navigation and the “Buy” and “Add to Card” buttons and some containers. The following is what was sent next to the client.

The feedback on the above was that the “Aqua” button effect had been done to death and I needed to try something else – with some additional designs on the containers at the bottom. I was also asked to create a more “finished” design layout as this one wasn’t polished enough to be final. [ I had actually submitted this to be the final one 🙂 ].

The fourth iteration led to the following design draft for the e-commerce template.

The one above was pretty much finalized – needed to add a place fo “related products” and to finalize the navigation links look and names. The following one was the final file that got approved at the client’s end. I received the balance 50% payment with this submission.

And the image below is the final Photoshop file that I sent to the client. Click on it to open a larger image in the same window.

Following is some detail from the template:

Some other details regarding this project:

  • From the date of receiving the first 50% advance, this project took a total of 8 working days to complete.
  • The remaining money was paid BEFORE I transferred the final Photoshop file.
  • I received money using Western Union Money Transfer.
  • The client had worked earlier with other designers on similar projects.
  • This is the first time I have actively asked a client for a testimonial after project completion.
  • I had a GREAT client to work with!


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