Very good image / diagram that explains the process of web design engagements. The same can apply to the logo design process as well. From Mark Rushworth’s blog. Very nice of him to share.

Here’s the image – broken down into two. [ I was initally planning to tweak it a bit according to how I work – but thought better of it – this image is comprehensive enough ].

The second part:


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  1. HI, thanks for the credit and i hope the process works for you.

    The key points for my client are the control of content supply from a client. Using this process there are only 2 points at which the client is expected to give input.

    The first is the supply of content which in this scenario we’d expect in one bulk lot. This stops the drip feeding of information, gives us the design firm a breaking point where we’re not expected to work on the project until the information is 100% supplied.

    The second is the review process – we typcally give the client as long as they need to comprehensiveley test the system and we have one oportunity to make changes, again this is to stip aa steady stream of “ive just noticed…” and “can you just…” emails that tend to happen as clients use the site.

    And although we do do in-house testing of the system, the client is also responsible for part of this which means if there are any issues post launch, that the client has part ownership which stops the “big pointy finger of blame” from being directed 100% at you the design firm.

  2. Hi Mark – that’s a hell of a description! What I mean is that your passion for this kind of work truly shows through – and the process diagram sure is very helpful. Although, to get to actually use it, I might need to create a more detailed picture – maybe with additional notes etc. – so that non-designers can also understand it very easily. And I like the phrase “big pointy finger of blame” 😀

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