As an independent designer, I have been toying with the idea of using text link ads or small graphic ads on popular design websites that prospective clients also visit. But for sometime now I have been unable to decide on what to put in that ad.

Duct-Tape marketing recently had an article – the headline said Your Advertising Should be More like Dating. It was a short and interesting read, however, for someone doing business like myself – global and local clients, the proposition put forth in the article only works with local clients. How do I get global clients to sign up for my design services?

The thing that works best for me is simple.

  • Tell them what I do.
  • Show them how I do it.
  • Show them I’ve done it for clients like them in the past.
  • Share with them what past clients had to say about my services and work.

For someone like me, a strong portfolio, some good client testimonials and a good professional profile are the best recipe for an advertisement. One trouble with this approach is that they have to find me first. That’s where having a website and blog helps – put meaningful content on your blog related to the work you do and Google will pick you up for those keywords – there’s no magic to it, you just have to keep writing good stuff and sharing it with readers.

Maybe I’ll do those text ads when I have money to throw 🙂