I have been a core Photoshop user for all this while and have been fiddling with Illustrator for the longest time. Am now seriously investing time in Illustrator and InDesign.

The 3D tool in Illustrator is quite powerful – you just need to have the eye for what halves of things look like!


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  1. That’s a great apple. I’ve Used Illustrator for 7 years now and I’m really just discovering the great things it can do, like 3D and gradient meshes and warping. I had limited it to logos for the longest time.

  2. AMAZING!!!

    I tried doing this and came close… but my apple looked like they had fallen 50 ft. out of their tree!

    Because I’m curious would you mind posting the .ai file, I’d really like to play with it.

    Thank you.

  3. Hey Charlie, I was just playing around – and it was quite sometime back – meaning that I have no clue whatsoever where the .ai file is – maybe in some archived CD [ not even DVD! Yeah it was that long back! ]. I can’t even begin to imagine where I might find it – if at all. Sorry about that – currently I’m using Adobe Illustrator only for my brand / identity / logo designs and haven’t touch the 3D render function in a long time – if I do, maybe I’ll do the apple again – but that’s something I ‘might’ do – a BIG might. Thanks for stopping by!

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