Just received an announcement from Lars Hinrichs in my openBC inbox that openBC is being re-branded to XING – it’s a new name and a new design for the same platform. For some reason [ maybe because of the example that Lars uses, it seems like openBC is really pushing hard to get into the Chinese market – which is not a bad thing – just that the example of what the name XING means in Chinese really gives that impression ].

The reason given for the change in his e-mail is as follows :

Members also network on the platform in 16 languages, so we needed a brand image that carries meaning in different cultures around the globe. XING meets this requirement. In China, for example, XING translates as ‘can do’ and ‘encounters’. Besides these fitting associations, the name XING is cosmopolitan, innovative and unique – all qualities that reflect our community.

This is what the openBC header looks like :

There is a new website announcing the new platform XING – visit it. DO NOT forget to check out the sneak preview of the upcoming changes that should be in force before the end of this year. I most definitely like the colors of the new-look – much better than the dreary orange, dark teal and grey!

I for one, certainly welcome the change – maybe this will renew my participation on the platform, which has been extremely low since the last three-four months.

On another note, aside is re-designing too! Not a re-branding for sure, but the re-designed website is being tested on nainaredhu.com.


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